Quick catch up..


We haven’t had internet so this is a quick blog to keep you all on board. Lots happening everyday but can’t go into details at the mo. Sunday saw 300 of us march through Freetown after the team was split up to preach at different churches, we all survived. Crazy climax of celebration to finish the conference, then home eager to rest. Monday was meant to be a rest day – ha! Not before Desmond ferried us around to various appointments including an interview with national Television and Freetown newspaper of which we have now been in twice. We eventually made it to the beach – awesome place and good to let our hair down for a bit before the projects start and it gets a bit hectic.

We parted from Mick and Iain and made our way to Lungi on tues taking all the last items for the school with us. We were warmly welcomed by pastor Henry and his wife who both hope to make it over next year. Their lives are laid down for the people here-they are clearly called of God for this place. Appreciate all the support from back home-hope to get fuller blog out on Friday.


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