Project 2 – Animal Husbandry

our military friends

our military friends

Despite the success at Lungi both me & Joe were nervous about this project and woke with a growing sense that the day may not be too smooth a ride.

After yet another heavy breakfast (fish, chilli pancakes, bacon etc) we moved out with renewed vigour. We stopped by at Wills house, our project manager and a good one at that – sharp sighted, passionate to help the poor, never fails to get a price down and has contacts all over the place.

A quick bargain was made for a wheelbarrow and a couple of head pans (used for measuring sand) before we cruised into the army barracks (as you do) to hire a truck. Really felt God with us on this one as we left the place with a large military truck in tow and 2 soldiers to boot. The price was nearly half that of the commercial options and the soldiers both grafted with us as we loaded up all the stuff for Grafton and During Town in searing heat. We had to laugh at the scene…

The sun here is seriously strong – it only takes a few minutes in the middle of the day to get burnt and sun cream doesn’t last long with all the sweating you do. It means that the working day needs a bit of coordinating otherwise you can get caught out easily.

The military vehicle became our escort through a very busy midday Freetown. Kissy Road in the centre just blocks up with crowds and market traders but our military friends soon got things moving, forcing the stubborn taxis away to free up the flow.

We dropped by Grafton to drop the sewing machines, materials and tables at Pastor Alex’s school ready to move across the road to the building we will be renting – we plan to settle the rent for the year tomorrow.

Then to During town to survey the land for the animal husbandry and make a plan. We were faced with new challenges – the concrete base now needs to be 3 ft high to endure the rainy seasons and we have to pay for leveling work to be done and to make the plot accessible for trucks. We came away discouraged while trying to assess the situation and how we should make the best of our time here.

We had a word of knowledge that this would be the case so we pulled our socks up and followed the instruction to take hold of opportunities. We have booked an appointment first thing tomorrow morning to meet with a builder to assess the costs and get a more concrete plan in place.

Added to these challenges is the distance to the site – a good 2 ½ hour trip each way from where we are staying. We need to play this one well in the next couple of days if we are going to get this project on a good footing. We are reminded that God is unlimited in resources and time – that’s certainly what we’ve experienced throughout so we stand on that.

husbandry land

husbandry land



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