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We (Simeon, left and Joe, right below) are off to Sierra Leone in November to help supply and set up 3 projects in collaboration with friends of our church in the local area.

sewing machines

Three Amazing Projects In Two Weeks

The school – Lungi

The school in Lungi needs foldable tables and seating as well as equipment such as stationary and exercise books, etc. This will all need to be shipped out in a container.

The sewing school – Grafton, Freetown

We’ll be setting up a sewing school for the women of a local relief shelter, home to over 500 war-displaced and polio victims. These often destitute and vulnerable women are in desperate need of income to help lift them out of poverty and prostitution. In future funds raised by the local sale of garments made at the school will help to sustainably fund the project and provide income for the students.

Esther Ross has had great success collecting old Singer sewing machines through friends of friends and appeals on a local radio station so we’ll be taking them over to set up a Sewing and Knitting school in Grafton Village.

We have also been asked to provide 21 foldable tables and chairs so that a tutor can teach a good sized class. We want to ship these out, so we’ll either purchase them here or make them here as materials are fairly limited in Sierra Leone.

The Farm – Bo Pujehan

Pujehun is one of the poorest places in Sierra Leone, affected greatly by the rebel war. This is where we’ll be spending most of our two weeks. The farm covers approximately one acre. We will be creating a perimeter fence and an enclosure for 14 sheep and 14 goats. As materials are once again limited and expensive we will be shipping out corrugated roofing sheets, fixings, tools and basically everything apart from the wooden parts of the structure. The aim of the project is to create job opportunities, funds to support schools in the area and money to invest in the community.

We’re passionate about these three projects because they’re not just going to be a one-hit-wonder that we’ll walk away from but they’ll be owned by locals and continue to help them turn lives around well after we’ve left for home. We believe they’ll be sustainable and that they have great potential for future development. Be a part of it.

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